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Quest Chocolate Coconut Fudge Pops

Written by Allie Leggett on March 6th, 2015.      0 comments

Chocolate Coconut Fudge Pops
Chocolate Coconut Fudge Pops-336-470-391-725Ingredients:
1 Double Choc Chunk Quest Bar
1 Coconut Cashew Quest Bar
½ Cups plus ¾ Cups Unsweetened coconut-almond milk
2 Scoops Quest Chocolate Milkshake Protein powder
½ Cup zero calorie sweetener
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
1 Tablespoon Coconut Extract
3 Tablespoons sugar-free chocolate chips
4 Tablespoons unsweetened flaked coconut

1) Break both Quest Bars into pieces the size of quarters.
2) In a microwave-safe bowl, add bar pieces to 1⁄2 cup of the coconut-almond milk and microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds, or until very soft.
3) Stir until smooth. Set aside to cool.
4) In a large blender, add the remaining coconut-almond milk, Quest Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder,  zero calorie sweetener, cocoa powder, and coconut extract. Blend to combine.
5) Add in the melted bar mixture, and blend until smooth.
6) Drop in the chocolate chips and coconut flakes and pour into 10 Popsicle molds.
7) Freeze time: 4-6 hours or until frozen.

Three easy healthy eating tips

Written by Sian Menhinick on November 29th, 2011.      0 comments

If you want to get lean, the first place you should start is looking at your diet and cutting out any bad foods.  Here are three healthy eating tips you can start using now!

1. Cut out processed food
Processed foods contain unnecessary sugar, fats, salts and preservatives. Foods containing added sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup, are especially bad and should be avoided. Eating processed foods can result in more bloating, fluid retention and weight gain.

2. Eat whole, natural foods regularly.
This includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables and minimally processed food in general. It may also include eliminating alcoholic beverages, which are toxic for the body (it really goes without saying).

3. Eat frequently
Eating five to six small meals a day, will help rev up the metabolism, especially if the meals are high in protein.

Hot, hot hot!

Written by Sian Menhinick on February 6th, 2011.      0 comments

Is it just me or is it crazy hot at the moment?  The humidity is stifling and it’s almost too much to handle.  It also doesn’t make working out very easy either.  When I was training at the gym last week I heard about a young lady who had passed out at the water fountain and it really made me think about my fluid intake.

Hydration is important no matter what, but when it’s really hot and you’re hitting the gym it’s even more important as you are losing fluid a lot faster.  If you’re not getting enough water while working out you could experience muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and heat stroke.

The golden rule about drinking water before you actually feel thirsty still stands, but when it’s really hot its best to drink water according to a schedule to enusre you are getting enough.  You also need to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as these will dehydrate you more.

Consuming a sports water like Horley’s Replace when you’re training can help to replenish your fluids and energy (it’s also great to reduce the effects of a hangover if you do choose to over indulge).  It contains electrolytes which encourage absorption, sodium to promote fluid retention and its isotonic, which helps maintain your fluids.  If you are planning on doing an intense work out, then a sports drink as well as water could be the best option for you.

Top tips for staying hydrated

  • Keep a bottle of water with you at work, which will encourage you to drink more.
  • If plain water is not your thing, try adding a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber to your drink.
  • When exercising, make sure you drink water before, during and after your workout.
  • Try to sip water every 15 minutes when exercising.
  • When you’re feeling hungry, drink water first as the sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger.
  • Weigh yourself before and after your workout – any weight loss is likely to be from fluid.  This will indicate if you are drinking enough water and if you need to drink more. 

Know your body

Written by Sian Menhinick on November 15th, 2010.      0 comments

Finding out what products work well for you is an important part of obtaining the results you want to achieve. 

There is a lot of science behind body building supplements and they should always do what they claim they do to an extent, but you may find one product works slightly better for you than others. 

Many things could have an effect on your results such as diet, training, medications, genetic makeup and weight.  Sometimes you may also not notice the physical changes in your body as much as other people do, so taking your measurements is a great way to know if your body is changing.
World of mouth and reviews of products are still great to find out what results other people have experienced using certain products and are particularly useful for finding out how things taste and mix - in the case of protein shakes.

There are so many different options out there. So if one product doesn’t work as well for you, you are bound to find another one that does through trail and error.

We seem to hear this with some of the popular pre-workouts on the market.  One customer may be telling us about the intense work out they had and how high their energy levels were – while another person may say they didn’t notice the effects that much compared to another product they’ve tried.  In this case I would probably put it done to how much caffeine the person consumes on a daily basis and the serving size.
I guess the key is to know your body and find out what works for you!


21kms later

Written by Sian Menhinick on October 31st, 2010.      0 comments

This morning I took part in the Adidas Half Marathon.  It was my first half marathon and despite my blister covered feet and aching joints, I would highly recommend something like this to anyone!

I've been training for the last three months and the most distance I covered was 12km.  Don't get me wrong, adding on 9km was no easy feat, but it's amazing what your body can do with a bit of adrenalin and excitement!

I started my day off with a hearty breakfast of porridge with some protein mixed in and had a serving of SuperPump to give me the energy kick I needed!

The first 14km was a breeze but with the combination of Powerade, SuperPump and Gu (tried that out at the 10km mark) - I think I over did all the endurance supplements haha and the Harbour Bridge was a bit of a struggle.  I grabbed some water at the next drink station and that did me right.

I would definitely suggest doing a bit of training, if your going to compete in a race, using drinks and supplements so you get a better understanding of what you need and when.

The last 4km was tough, as it's a flat hard slog around the tank farm at Westhaven, but I stepped it up for my final sprint to the finish line.  It was a great turn out at the end with heaps of people on the sidelines cheering you on, so you can't hep but feel good.

I'm sure there was some awesome performances put on by our NZ Muscle customers who competed! 

So if you are even slightly tempted to take part in a race I would say, do it!


Like our new site?

Written by Sian Menhinick on October 22nd, 2010.      0 comments

Well its been a long process in the making but we're finally ready to launch our brand new website!  What do you think?  We really wanted to offer our customers more than just a site selling products, also offering advice on products and general nutrition and fitness. Make sure you check out our articles section.

We've also got a great new membership section where you can earn points on your purchases and redeem them for products.  So make sure you sign up and become a NZ Muscle member today! 

We've still got a lot more work to do but we hope you like what you've seen so far and enjoy browsing our new website.