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21kms later

Written by Sian Menhinick on October 31st, 2010.      0 comments

This morning I took part in the Adidas Half Marathon.  It was my first half marathon and despite my blister covered feet and aching joints, I would highly recommend something like this to anyone!

I've been training for the last three months and the most distance I covered was 12km.  Don't get me wrong, adding on 9km was no easy feat, but it's amazing what your body can do with a bit of adrenalin and excitement!

I started my day off with a hearty breakfast of porridge with some protein mixed in and had a serving of SuperPump to give me the energy kick I needed!

The first 14km was a breeze but with the combination of Powerade, SuperPump and Gu (tried that out at the 10km mark) - I think I over did all the endurance supplements haha and the Harbour Bridge was a bit of a struggle.  I grabbed some water at the next drink station and that did me right.

I would definitely suggest doing a bit of training, if your going to compete in a race, using drinks and supplements so you get a better understanding of what you need and when.

The last 4km was tough, as it's a flat hard slog around the tank farm at Westhaven, but I stepped it up for my final sprint to the finish line.  It was a great turn out at the end with heaps of people on the sidelines cheering you on, so you can't hep but feel good.

I'm sure there was some awesome performances put on by our NZ Muscle customers who competed! 

So if you are even slightly tempted to take part in a race I would say, do it!


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