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120 Tablets
Anabolic-Androgenic Testosterone Matrix


Only Axis-HT can give you the super-normal surges of testosterone and related anabolic-androgenic potentiators that you need to recover and grow at a super-normal pace. Hormones may have disappeared from the supplement world, but the body-altering results they were known for have not. BSN has raised the bar yet again with Axis-HT. From the advanced weight trainer or bodybuilder to the beginner, the world is about to experience a new supra-physiological dimension that just made being hardcore easy! Axis-HT contains a patent-pending and revolutionary "2-Tier" approach that takes effect from the very first dose.

After only a few days the StARP2 Anabolic-Androgenic Testosterone Matrix (Tier 1) starts to kick in. Your workout-specific drive, energy and aggression rapidly climb. You crave the gym, hungry to tear apart the weights like never before.

WEEK 1 - The Anabolic-Insulinogenic Inducers (Tier 2) are beginning to boost your strength and power. Your workouts are really starting to improve. Your lifts are going up and your veins and muscle are starting to come alive. You can feel that something big is about to happen!

WEEKS 2-3 and AFTER - The StARP2 and Anabolic-Insulinogenic fusion are stimulating the ultimate "anabolic-androgenic induced metamorphosis." Your muscles look and feel dramatically fuller, bigger, and harder. Your strength and vascularity are ridiculous. You notice that your muscles look more defined, dense, and "dry", something which is normally so hard to achieve. Not to mention at this point your libido kicks into high gear...this is one of the best effects. You feel like you're 18 again, and it has only just begun! Every week thereafter your muscle cells will become more swollen with glycogen, protein, and power. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Don't Be Average...Be Hardcore!
Don't let normal testosterone-anabolic output restrict you to a normal body. Jack your output up to super-normal with Axis-HT and achieve a freaky physique. Axis-HT...The Single Most Powerful Body-Altering Anabolic-Androgenic Amplifier in Existence!


Take 2 tablets once per day, everyday. Take at night with your last meal.  Axis HT works synergistically with protein and carbohydrates to help promot muscle anabolism.  It is therefore highly recommended that you take Axis HT with a protein and carbohydrate rich meal or shake.


Container: 120 Tablets
One Serving: 2 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 60

Information Per Serving:


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