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Rich Hackney


Full Name: Richard Hackney
Date Of Birth: November 10, 19
Height: 5` 8.5
Fight Weight: 78kg, bodyfat 5%
Off Season Weight: 82kg, bodyfat 8-10%

Kick boxing fights: UK wako un-defeated 10-0
Professional boxing: 4 fights - 2 points loss - 2 KO win

Favourite Supplements: Clutch protein, Jack3d, Amino Energy

Favourite Foods: Chicken salads, with cheese, egg and anchovies etc.

Rich's Story

Rich Hackney, founder of Rich Hackney Ultimate Fitness training and Body Shock conditioning, has been training and developing his body and pushing it to extreme levels, since he can remember.  From black belts in martial arts, pro boxing and kick boxing, as well as natural body competitions and teaching yoga – Rich loves to test all his limits.

“All my athletic success would not have been possible without the nutritional support of top quality supplements from providers such as NZ Muscle,” Rich says.

“I would like to thank NZ Muscle for supporting me since I have been in New Zealand.  I believe top quality supplements combined with ultimate fitness guidance can provide anybody with the results they dreamed of.”

Rich has an endless list of supplements that he would advise to take when working out regularly as each person’s goals are different.  To get a tailor made fitness experience that is right for you, contact Rich for some advice.

About Rich Hackney Ultimate Fitness

Imagine being as strong as a weight lifter, as fast as a sprinter, as powerful as a boxer, cut like a body builder and as flexible as a gymnast!  At Rich Hackney Ultimate Fitness you can experience a range of exercises and fitness to get you in the best shape of your life.

Visit for more information.

About Body Shock conditioning

Through years of personal and professional training experience, Rich believes focusing predominantly on one method of training is not the most productive way to achieve top results. He has therefore created ‘Body Shock’ to give you razor edge results in less time and for less money!

The concept of the programme is that your muscles need to be shocked and confused to tear, repair, grow and get stronger and bigger. 

Body Shock allows you to achieve desired results in a much faster time frame than most programs, by using a combination of different exercises.  Many of you may have completed 12 week programs or had a personalised programme given to you.

Rich says; “My guess is that you were working different muscle groups and doing cardio, sticking to a very repetitive program. Each week you completed the same exercises and increased your reps as you were getting a bit stronger and fitter.”

“If you really want to be at the top of your game and achieve your best results you must change your training regularly or you will hit a plateau of fat loss and muscle building.”

Body Shock is designed to naturally rip off the fat, and tone your body fast.

Rich’s mission is to get you the results, without wasting time and money!

NB: Please note this is an advanced program, which requires a certain level of fitness to participate. If you are interested please email your enquiry, or contact Rich Hackney.

Rich's Training

Rich in a couple of his past fights!