Glutamine – the force behind recovery

Training everyday can really take a toll on the body and you may find that even with a daily protein shake you’re still not recovering quick enough. This is where extra supplementation through glutamine can really help.

Glutamine is an amino acid, produced by the body which plays a variety of roles in the human body. You can usually get enough glutamine through your body’s natural production and diet without taking a supplement. However, if your body is under frequent stress (working out or just super busy), than you may need more glutamine than your body can make.

After working out intensely, studies have shown that glutamine levels in the body can be significantly reduced as the muscle releases it. Supplementing glutamine in the diet can help minimise the breakdown of muscle tissue after an intense work out and speed up the healing process. Glutamine has also been shown in studies to strengthen the immune system and reduce infections so you won’t get sick as often….bonus!

Glutamine comes in both powder and capsule form.

When to take glutamine:
Take glutamine 2-3 times daily during high intensity exercise or stress. You may also find it particularly effective after a workout or before bedtime when your muscles are repairing and recuperating.