Know Your Body

Finding out what products work well for you is an important part of obtaining the results you want to achieve.

There is a lot of science behind body building supplements and they should always do what they claim they do to an extent, but you may find one product works slightly better for you than others.

Many things could have an effect on your results such as diet, training, medications, genetic makeup and weight. Sometimes you may also not notice the physical changes in your body as much as other people do, so taking your measurements is a great way to know if your body is changing.

World of mouth and reviews of products are still great to find out what results other people have experienced using certain products and are particularly useful for finding out how things taste and mix - in the case of protein shakes.

There are so many different options out there. So if one product doesn’t work as well for you, you are bound to find another one that does through trail and error.

We seem to hear this with some of the popular pre-workouts on the market. One customer may be telling us about the intense work out they had and how high their energy levels were – while another person may say they didn’t notice the effects that much compared to another product they’ve tried. In this case I would probably put it down to how much caffeine the person consumes on a daily basis and the serving size.

The key is to know your body and find out what works for you!