Meet the Team

Meet The Team NZ Muscle


Introducing Our team

NZ Muscle is a small team of young committed Kiwi's that each share a passion for sports and fitness.

Dion Roosenbrand

Dion R

Founder & director of NZM, started the business from a passion for supplements, training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. He trains at NZ Muscle Gym!

Luke P NZ Muscle

Luke P

Luke is the manager at our Takapuna branch. He is an avid body builder who has a passion for people achieving their goals, regardless of what they may be.

NZ Muscle

Kevin B

Kevin works full time at the NZ Muscle Queen Street branch. He is a competitive golfer and a gym enthusiast.

Marjohn A NZ Muscle

Marjohn A

Marjohn (MJ) is the manager at our newest store to open (Victoria street). He loves supplements, helping people and training with mates at the gym.

Sian R

Sian looks after communications and marketing and is a bit of a social media junkie. Dion ropes her in to going to the gym.

Grant NZ Muscle


Aka Grunta Sting Fitness - NZM Gym manager, known for smashing people in the gym. If you think you train hard, wait until you’ve done a session with Grant.

Juliet NZ Muscle


Juliet works part time at NZ Muscle stores, and competes in local bodybuilding competitions.

Astro R

Astro is NZ Muscle's mascot.
He enjoys sleeping, belly rubs and Arnold Iron Mass!

Levi M NZ Muscle

Levi M

Taking care of customers, you’ll often catch him multi-tasking on the phone, tracking an order and sipping on some DNPX.

Matt D

Chief bolos, the old saying if his head wasn’t screwed on he would have left it behind at a store.

Levi M NZ Muscle


Taking care of all things accounting related, data entry and taking phone calls – she also loves training at NZ Muscle Gym.

Levi M NZ Muscle


Helps out in the NZM warehouse picking & packing orders – you might see her name pop up on one or two or your orders.

Levi M NZ Muscle

Shannon P

Shannon works at multiple NZM stores, and is the queen of merchandising. She loves health and fitness, hit her up for supplement tips & tricks.

Levi M NZ Muscle

Tom C

Newly appointed manager at NZ Muscle Constellation store. He loves training and cheat meals!

Levi M NZ Muscle

Mitch W

Mitch works part time at NZ Muscle stores, and is a competitive powerlifter.