Pre-workout supplements – what are they all about?

If you’re training four to five days a week in amongst work and everything else, you may find you have little energy left by the time you hit the gym. This is where a good pre-workout supplement can come in handy to give you the energy boost you need.

Pre-workout products are developed with three fundamental results in mind:

• Increasing energy
• Increasing pumps
• Reducing recovery time

To achieve an energy boost most pre-workouts will contain stimulants like caffeine and guarana. The amounts are in safe dosages, but anyone who regularly drinks caffeinated beverages should take this into consideration when taking a pre-workout and not take it too closely to bed.

For increased pumps, nitric oxide is added to help increase blood flow and help deliver more nutrients to your muscles, thus giving you more energy and strength gains.

Pre-workout products will normally have branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) included which is extremely important in recovery.

For best results, pre-workout supplements should be taken approximately 15-30 minutes before you hit the gym. By the time you’re hitting the weights you should feel the supplements doing their stuff and giving you a much needed pick- me-up!

There are many different options on the market and you should choose a product that best suits your needs. Not everyone will have the same experiences and results on the same products.