Sponsorship NZ Muscle

NZ Muscle has a policy of supporting people, teams and events that like us, share a passion for the sports and fitness industry.

What we look for in sponsorship proposals:

  • High visibility for NZ Muscle
  • To communicate our brand values and messages
  • Increase awareness of NZ Muscle as a sports nutrition and supplements company
  • Relevance to our customers and target audience
  • A real partnership with both parties working towards mutual benefits
  • The opportunity for NZ Muscle to be an exclusive supplements sponsor
  • Events or sponsorships within New Zealand

Key points your proposal should cover:

  • The opportunity and any background details
  • Location of the sponsorship / event and the target market
  • Date of sponsorship / event and timelines including important dates
  • List of sponsors who have committed to date
  • Benefits to NZ Muscle
  • Number of participants / people involved and exposure

Please send your sponsorship proposals to:
NZ Muscle
PO BOX 302353
North Harbour
North Shore 0751

Or email to sales@nzmuscle.co.nz